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Sports are a very small part of life, but they are also a way to learn about life. In sports, the players and coaches have a duty to the team, school, and to one's self. Scholar-athletes and coaches must perform their duty to all aspects of the game. A coach must first be responsible to the team and then the player. Because of our commitment to our program, we must remember that after each game and each season, only the team remains. Therefore, our only goal isn't to win championships, but also to become people and a team of great character. The R.I.S.E philosophy contains high expectations and standards for our teams. These expectations will be a guide for our scholar-athletes and coaches' conduct on and off the prospective field. If we are to attain our goals of building a strong tradition of R.I.S.E athletics, then all scholar-athletes and coaches must buy into this philosophy.

All scholar-athletes must understand their role as a member of our team. It is because of this, our veteran scholar-athletes have a critical role on the team. Their experience and knowledge must set a positive example for the younger participants in games and practice. Veteran scholar-athletes must realize that their conduct and attitude sets an example, so they must be exemplary in the classroom and in the community, as well as on their perspective fields. Veteran scholar-athletes must instill confidence in younger scholar-athletes to help the team excel at all levels of play. By believing in and respecting your teammates and coaches, realizing your collective responsibility, and having pride in your team and schools, the foundations of a successful program can be built.

Successful teams plan, prepare, and expect to win. We feel that if we are to be successful, we must be prepared to outwork other teams on both ends of the floor during games. Because of this philosophy, our practices must demand our full attention and effort. Non-productive, lazy practices build a poor work ethic and fundamentally unsound techniques. If poor performance in practice is allowed, it becomes the mode of operation in all things. We must practice well to perform well on the court. All scholar-athletes must try in practice to prepare to be the best player they can be, on and off the field. Aristotle once said, and Shaquille O'Neal repeated an old adage, "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." We must practice hard each day to build a habit that carries over to games.


Put the goals of the TEAM ahead of inpidual goals. Have a great work ethic always on the court and in the classroom and be on time to all team and school activities. Have pride in the R.I.S.E Athletics. Respect authority and each other, and always be polite. Leave places better than how you found them (pick up trash).

The R.I.S.E Schools Grammar / Prep Schools

Athletic Department


The primary purpose of our competitive sports program is to provide experiences that will enable our students to progress toward established educational objectives. These objectives include the following qualities: physical strength, endurance, vitality, neuromuscular skills, courage, alertness, resourcefulness, good sportsmanship, character, high moral standards, loyalty, and a healthy self-concept. Our coaching staff is dedicated to helping each student athlete reach these goals. Both the physical and psychological growth of each student is conscientiously considered when planning and implementing our athletic program.

Our coaches are aware of the inpidual needs of our youth as well as the social implications of being able to work as a member of a team. Students will be given the opportunity through training and good coaching to reach their maximum athletic potential if they dedicate themselves to our program. In our role preparing grammar/prep school athletes for participation in middle/high school athletic programs, our coaching staff focus on the "big three" when interacting with our students.

The "big three" are:

  1. Basic Skills
  2. Teamwork
  3. Sportsmanship

With the "big three" as our guide, our goal is to produce young men and women who have the capacity to be successful athletes in any high school program across the nation. As an athletic department, we want parents to know that we are fully committed to helping our students achieve these goals. We want our student athletes to leave The R.I.S.E Schools and be able to say that they are proud to have been a "STAR/ROCKET".

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